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Tractors, by traditional standards, are slow and lumbering. They’re not meant to be raced, hooned, or used in drifting. But this commercial from German supermarket chain Edeka throws everything we’ve come to know about tractors out the window. Not only can this 420-horsepower tractor do all of its supposed functions, it can also do all sorts of things that are outside its wheelhouse.

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Little do college students know, but their late-night scientific observation of a burst of methane flatulence kissed by the flame of a match may be the innovation that saves us all from climate change catastrophe. That conversion of food to gas could truly curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Around the world, farmers are installing anaerobic digesters. These digesters ferment manure and plants into biomethane. Many farmers use the fuel for heating homes and buildings, selling their excess to local grids. Soon, however, many European farmers hope to fuel their machinery via anaerobic digestion, making themselves greener and fuel-independent.

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It is not often that a new tractor factory is officially opened in western Europe. But that’s exactly what happened in northern France last week when Japanese manufacturer Kubota uncorked the champagne (and saki) and invited journalists and dignitaries to the celebration.

The 115,000sq m factory at Dunkerque (just five miles from the French end of the Channel Tunnel) will make the firm’s 130-170hp tractors and save the company a long sea journey to boot. The plant was apparently originally used by a carpet manufacturer and ideal for the company’s purposes.

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A Tale of Two Tractor Trends

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The Association of Equipment Manufacturers has released its August 2015 tractor sales numbers. Are sales up or down from last year? That depends on how much horsepower is involved.

For tractors less than 40 HP, sales are slightly up from 2014. August 2015 sales came in at 8,802, which is 1.2% higher than 2014. Year-to-date sales are at 84,102 in this category, up 7.6% from last year.

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More than one-third of farm-related deaths in Illinois resulted from tractor rollovers from 2005 to 2015, according to a study released Wednesday by Country Financial in Bloomington. Seven rollover deaths occurred in the past year.

Rollovers caused 91 of 254 deaths from 2005 to 2015, while roadway collisions resulted in 53 deaths and grain-bin accidents resulted in 28. The remaining deaths resulted from animal attacks, electrocution, drowning and other farm accidents, according to the study.

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AUSTRALIA's first driverless tractor made a grand appearance at the Tulloona Conservation Farming Group Field Day to the awe of growers and industry.

The driverless technology was applied to the Fendt 936 Vario tractor by Holland technology manufacturer, Probotiq.

Tractor owner Gerrit Kurstjens had heard of the company's experience fitting the driverless technology to smaller tractors used on golf courses.

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Massey Ferguson has launched three new MF4700 series tractors with 75hp, 85hp and 95hp respectively.

Built in its Beauvais factory in France, they have a new up-to-date cab, and fresh engine and driveline.

Power comes from a 3.3 litre three-cylinder engine and a 12×12 mechanical gearbox offers shuttle or powershuttle option.

Four-wheel-drive is standard and an open-centre hydraulic system with tandem pump supplies the pressure and flow required.

Modern electronic linkage control systems are fitted, says the company, and lift capacity is 3t.

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New Case IH Optum Tractor Series

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For 2016, Case IH is adding a new line of tractors – the Optum series. The Optum family is built off the foundation of the Puma series, but with higher horsepower and increased hydraulic flow. This gives the tractors enough muscle for hay and forage operations as well as tillage tools and planters.

“Built for heavy-duty, year-round application, the Optum series combines efficient power with operator convenience to handle the large workload and multiple tasks of hay and forage operations, row crop applications, and farmstead upkeep,” says Dave Bogan, with Case IH. “Fulfilling a new horsepower requirement, we designed this series to meet the needs of customers looking for that optimal power-to-weight ratio for any field, cultivation, or haulage task.”

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Taylor Swift's life is pretty glamorous these days, between her A-list girl gang, glamorous style, record-breaking albums, and fancy parties. But the award-winning singer wasn't always the jet-setting celeb we know and love today. Once upon a time, she was just a little girl on a farm, riding a tractor on her dad's knee.

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Placement of a 1961 farm tractor in front of an East Jackson Boulevard home is spurring talk among members of one Elkhart family over what homeowners should and shouldn't be able to put in their yards.

"More than anything, it's just a part of my heritage, part of my family," said Madison Blue, a registered nurse. The Case 830 tractor, bought by great-grandfather Fred Blue and used on his Carroll County farm, had sat in her front yard since late June.

"To me it's a piece of art. I just don't understand it," said Dave Blue, Madison Blue's father.

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